Defense Contracting Company

PROBLEM: A defense company had a contract worth nearly eight figures to provide IT services to a major military contractor in IRAQ. They had only been in business for six months and could not obtain any bank financing. The contract was to be paid out every 45 days but they needed money weekly for payroll.

SOLUTION: The defense contractor was approved for accounts receivable funding and received the majority of their money within 48 hours instead of waiting the standard 45 days. He was able to meet the company’s weekly payroll obligations.

Automotive Parts Distribution

PROBLEM: A parts distribution company needed to purchase more inventory and applied for a line of credit with their bank. Because of the new stringent banking regulations their request for credit was declined.

SOLUTION: This distributor was approved for inventory funding and was advanced 50% of the cost of the products. They were able to increase their yearly revenues by 30%.

Supplier of Diabetic Testing Supplies

PROBLEM: A supply company had increased their yearly sales from $1.2M to $3M and were experiencing cash flow issues. The medical insurance companies were processing payments in excess of 40 days on outstanding invoices. The testing supply company needed to receive their accounts receivables quicker in order to continue to grow their business.

SOLUTION: The testing supply company was approved for medical accounts receivable funding.   They were advanced 80% of the net collections within 48 hours and was able to use the money to continue their growth. They are expected to generate $6M in revenues within the next year.

Wholesale Food Distribution

PROBLEM: A food distribution company had large purchase orders and needed the cash upfront to buy the products.

SOLUTION: This company was approved for purchase order funding.   They were advanced 100% of the cost of the products to fill their orders. Without the financing, they would have had to decline the business.

Restaurant Business

PROBLEM: A restaurant had an unforeseen flood that was not covered by insurance.

SOLUTION: The restaurant was able to receive funding on their future credit card sales which allowed them to use the money for repairs from the flood damage.

Tree Service Company

PROBLEM: The owner of a tree service company needed to expand his business and wanted to purchase a stump grinder, log splitters and a new truck.

SOLUTION: The tree service was approved for equipment funding.   They were able to increase their revenues by over 25% during the first year of funding.