Alternative Funding Options (AFO) recently helped these businesses secure financing:

Factoring of Accounts Receivable – A bank had an existing technology company that needed an increase to their line of credit and they could not qualify them.  AFO was able to work with a factoring company to factor some of their clients that the bank was able to carve out which would give their customer the additional monies they needed for cash flow.

Asset Based Line of Credit – A manufacturer of IT components could not qualify for a bank line of credit due to prior losses.  Their annual revenues were $25m.  AFO was able to get them approved for an asset based line of credit in the amount of $3.5m using their accounts receivable and inventory as collateral.  This will allow them to grow and become profitable within a year.

Unsecured Loan- A start up company that sells hand bags was needing $20,000 to update their website and for some marketing.  AFO was able to get them approved for an unsecured loan, principal and interest payments at 9.99% for 36 months.

Commercial Real Estate – A developer had purchased some land and needed financing to build a residential home that he was going to sell once completed.  He needed $350k and it would take 6 months to build. He had been to several banks and they could not approve him.  AFO was able to find a bank that would finance this – interest only for a year then a balloon due for the balance.

Commercial Real Estate – A mechanic who has been in business for 20 years needed to refinance a balloon on his commercial property that was coming due with a private investor i/a/o $460,000.  Their current bank was not able to approve him.  AFO was able to find them bank financing, amortized over 20 years with a 5 yr. balloon.

Commercial Real Estate – A daycare had a loan that had matured and the bank could not qualify them for a renewal.  AFO was able to secure a SBA loan i/a/o $610,000 that was able to pay off the existing note and give them additional monies to do some renovations.

Please keep us in mind with any of your customers that are in need of financing for purchase orders, accounts receivable or factoring, inventory, asset based lines of credit, equipment, business acquisitions, merchant cash advances, some unsecured or micro loan programs and for any type of commercial real estate for purchase, refinance or cash outs.  We also will work with customers in helping them find bank financing, if they qualify.

~April 2016