Alternative Funding Options (AFO) recently helped these businesses secure financing:

Accounts Receivable Line of Credit – A manufacturing company could not qualify for a bank Line of Credit.  He averaged $300k monthly outstanding in his A/R.  AFO was able to get him approved with an Asset Based Lender (ABL) for $500k.  This will allow him to add on more customers and grow their business.

SBA Financing – A couple wanted to purchase a retail franchise clothing business for $250k and had been to a few banks and were declined.  AFO was able to find a bank locally that could get them approved.

Cash Flow Unsecured Loan – A cabinet manufacturer had 3 outstanding loans totaling $125k at high interest rates and short repayment terms in which his monthly total payments were $12,500.  AFO was able to find a finance company to consolidate those loans and give him some extra monies at a lower interest rate, longer term with monthly payments at $7,250.

Commercial Real Estate Loan – An existing dry cleaners business was looking to refinance their existing note and get a cash out to consolidate other debt and do some improvements totaling $750k.  The owner recently purchased the business from his dad but couldn’t qualify for a bank loan.  AFO was able to find a private lender to finance this at a 60% LTV, interest only payments with a 3 yr. balloon.  This loan improved his cash flow by $6,000 monthly.

Bank Line of Credit – A couple owned several residential investment properties free and clear valued at $1.2m. They were looking for a bank line of credit i/a/o $500k to purchase other properties.  They had been to a few banks and were declined.  AFO was able to find a bank that could approve them for the line of credit.


Please keep us in mind with any of your customers that are in need of financing for accounts receivable or factoring, purchase orders, inventory, asset based lines of credit, equipment, work in progress, business acquisitions, merchant cash advances, unsecured or micro loan programs and for any type of commercial real estate for purchases, refinances or cash outs.  We work with customers looking for bank financing (if they qualify) or for alternative.

We know how to structure the deal to find them the financing that they need and can negotiate the best rates and terms.  We save your customers the time and effort as well as the frustration in having to go through the process.