Here in Florida, June 1st marks the official opening of our hurricane season.  While all Floridians hope the hurricane activity of prior years is not repeated this year, we all know we must start planning now, regardless of where in the state we live.  Hurricanes have proven to be unpredictable and devastating, gambling one won’t affect you is a gamble of the past.  Everyone knows being prepared is essential to our quality of life.

Being in business is much the same as living in Florida.  One day you’re sailing along and everything is going great.  Sales are great, profit is up, costs are down, and your clients love you.  Then all of a sudden some event changes your business environment and you find yourself having to quickly adjust or risk losing what you’ve built.

Just as preparing for a hurricane, business requires you to prepare constantly for the unseen but potential dangers.  Business is unpredictable in that any world event, weather event, client loss, injury or a myriad of other concerns can alter your world in a second.  Being prepared financially, as well as, through a strong business contingency plan can make the difference between a healthy business and an ailing one.

At Alternative Funding Options we help businesses prepare for their future, avoiding disaster.  Through receivable financing, businesses can receive their money rapidly.  This access to their cash allows businesses to invest in the resources they need to keep their business secure and profitable.  With purchase order financing, it allows companies to grow sales without being limited by existing capital and inventory financing,allows businesses access to the products they need to generate sales.  Our funding solutions ensures a business will have a healthy opportunity to not only be successful today, but plan for tomorrow as well.

Alternative Funding Options helps take the gamble out of business and provides financial security for your future.