Business owners face a multitude of issues on a daily basis – one of the biggest being funding options. And, when the bank turns you down, what do you do? Alternative Funding Options (AFO) CEO/President, Cheryl O’Neill Gowen, has made it a mission to make that kind of information available to business owners via her monthly column in the Business Observer (

Alternative Funding Options specializes in advising and finding cash flow alternatives for any size or type of business. Gowen states that “from equipment leasing to asset based lines of credit to commercial real estate financing, funding options are available…it you know where to look.” Over the years Gowen discovered that many business owners were not aware of the types of available alternative funding and programs as well as the benefits those funds would bring to their company. AFO’s vast experience makes it possible for businesses to be quickly approved for funding plans.

In an effort to educate business owners in the Tampa Bay community, Gowen began writing a monthly column for the Business Observer. The column has been well-received and is popular with readers. Following are links to the current columns:

–   When the bank says no

–   The facts behind factoring

–   How to finance the big one

–   What you should know about asset-based lending

–   How to turn your future credit card sales into cash

These monthly columns pose realistic questions and offer practical solutions on timely topics. For example, in the most recent column, “How to turn your future credit card sales into cash”, Gowen discusses how restaurants, retail, franchises or seasonal businesses are running into difficulty obtaining credit from traditional finance institutions. These types of merchants rely heavily on credit card processing and a possible solution might be merchant cash advances. How do they work…what is the cost…and who can quality…are all addressed and real-life scenarios are given as examples.

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About Alternative Funding Options: CEO/President Cheryl O’Neill Gowen launched Alternative Funding Options (AFO) to fill a growing void in the world of business finance and cash flow alternatives. With over 30 years of experience in the fields of banking, financing and staffing, Gowen was well-suited to immediately jump into the alternative funding industry and understand the issues that business owners face on a day-to-day basis in cash flow and funding. For more information, visit

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